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Dwell on this statement: “Super Smash Bros. Melee is hands down, the best fighting game ever made.”


Ok now don’t just come to the conclusion that, “This guy is full of shit and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”  I have played my fair share of fighting games, i.e. Smash bros. 64, Smash bros. brawl, Tekken 5, Virtua Fighter 4, the Street Fighter series, Mortal Kombat series, Bushido Blade (loved the concept but controls were terrible), Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur II, and weird ones like Shaq Fu, Samurai Showdown, Killer Instinct, and even Ninja Turtles: turtles in time (yes it had a vs mode).  Granted that majority of those games are outdated and for 16 bit consoles, but I have gotten competitive in most of them.  SSBM has been the most deep, stylish and rewarding game in the entire genre of fighting games.

The innovation and creativity lies in its simple and ingenious design.  The unique concept of solely knock the opponent off the stage as opposed to depleting a static bar of life is what differs itself from all other fighting games.  Achieving victory won’t often end with a jab or a shin kick, but instead a rather heavy blow or well timed spike.  Damage does plays a decent role in increasing the susceptibility of being knocked out or off the stage but it is not the deciding factor.

For those of you willing to read any further, here are in depth reasons as to why SSBM is the best game ever made:

1. characters

Ranging from the cuddly and lovable Pikachu to the powerful and insidious Gannondorf, the characters in this game are prominent figures from all the Nintendo classics as well as a couple of obscure ones such as Marth and Roy from the japanese game Fire Emblem.  (My personal favorites are Mario, Ness, Donkey Kong, and Young Link)

2. spikes

In no other fighting game are there battles that can give one player an early demise from a badass mid-air attack sending them in a downward trajectory with no hopes of recovery.  This type of move requires pristine timing and control but when pulled off, is one of the coolest highlights in any video games up to date.

3. multiplayer (more than 2)

This feature is amazing in that it allows up to 4 players to fight simultaneously on one stage.  In the midst of all the chaos, only one victor can survive and creates a true battle royal free for all type of atmosphere.  Additionally teams can be made to have 2 vs 2 (one of my personal favorites) and even 3 vs 1 for those who are exceptional relative to the other 3.

4. unlockables

One of the coolest features is that there are so many trophies, characters, stages, settings, and items to be unlocked that the replay value of this game is borderline infinite.  A bonus perk to unlocking all the features is that it also familiarizes you with all the characters.

5. fun single player

Okay, so far all that has been mentioned has been multiplayer which accounts for the BULK of why this game is the best, but the single player is often overlooked.  The single player mode offers adventure, events, target tests, and even a home run challenge.

6. newb friendly controls

This is integral to the core of the gaming concept and it follows suit with the idea of simplicity.  What is the point of memorizing a character specific move only to find out that it does not apply to any other character in any other game.  For example, in order to pull off a super move for Vega in SF IV I had to hold DB for 2 secs and move it DF back to DB and then UR and press all 3 kicks at the same time.  I managed to do it but it was absolutely frustrating because it took repeated attempts and could only be pulled off if the opponent happened to jump at the right time.

With SSBM all that is negated.  Instead the controls for every character was the same.  The differences were in power, speed, and point of contact to which that move was made.  This made controls for the characters more intuitive and provided a higher incentive for expanding your horizons for playing a larger variety of characters.  It also allowed newbs to pick up the game much easier.

7. depth

When you think you have covered most of the moves and timing of the characters you find out that there is so much more to the game than you had originally expected.  There are advanced moves that exploit the engine to which it was created and it makes for an even more stylistic fight.  On top of that all, there are no set combos as in all those other games where someone can pull off a 10 hit combo by executing a series of commands regardless of how the other players controls their character.  Instead the combos in this game are all improvisational and each character can be played according to the users own unique style.

Whew! that was long but for the most part necessary.  Of course this is my objective view but I would definitely like to hear what you think.  ANY TAKERS?


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