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Starting off, I have a few qualms about one of the greatest RPGs ever made;  Fallout 3.  Now I complete loyalty towards the series and have been a fan since fallout 1 was released on the PC.  This third installment far surpassed all my expectation but it really bothers me that they would solely exclude the downloadable content for the ps3.  It is one of the major consoles that is able to play the damn game and yet they decide not to include a huge feature of the game.  This means that new quests, items, and areas will not be accessible to ps3 owners.


In addition the GRAPHICS better on xbox 360 than ps3!!

I understand how the pc would have greater graphics due to the insane specs of the systems they use in testing, but I mean honestly, the ps3 was released way later than the xbox 360 because it boasted better technology, faster rendering, hence better graphics and smoother gameplay.  Instead, the reviews for xbox came out higher than on the ps3.  For ps3 owners and fanboys this is a devastating blow to the  ego (myself included).  My takes on this is that the programmers are not adept enough at fully exploiting the capabilities of the ps3 while the xbox 360 uses a proven and more familiar coding making it easier to render and light.

Also I am not sure about anyone else but my fallout 3 game tends to freeze occasionally for a few seconds and sometimes indefinitely.  This problem worries me sometimes about the stability of the system.  I would love to defend my choice of buying the ps3 but I feel that it is a hopeless battle.  I am debating whether or not to trade in my ps3 for an xbox 360 but the “red ring of death” plays a role in my deciding factor as well.

If you would like to read more about fallout 3 on ps3 vs. xbox 360 vs. pc theres a great review on ign:

This review provides a great comparison between the 3 systems.  Let me know what you think.


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