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It has come to my attention that there is an uncanny resemblance between two of my favorite things: Basketball and Dota.

One is a sport that has been played for decades while another is an online video game that is spawned off Warcraft 3.  The glaring initial difference may cause one to think that these two hobbies are worlds apart but when you get to the core of each game, they are one in the same.  Preaching this similarity for a while, I decided to take upon the initiative to write about it.

1. Teams

Let’s start with the obvious.  Right off the bat, team play starts with 5 on 5 both in Dota and in basketball.  There can be variations of the numbers (ex. 3v3), but the max available roster spots for one team is 5.

2. Player Roles

Roles are an imperative factor in each game.  In basketball, you have your scorer, your defender, your rebounder, shot blocker, etc.  while dota has its own set of skills that each player may possess such as ganker, carry, initiator, stunner etc.  Of course in both there are overlapping skills and roles but you get the gist.  Usually a good team is synced so that each player plays to their strengths such allowing the best shooter to take the shots or allowing your carry to farm.

3. Philosophy

Different philosophies will always exist.  The “right” way to play team ball or the “right” way to gank.  There are so many theories all aimed for the same result: victory.  There is nothing more fun than to come up with a winning strategy, execute it, and obtain that coveted W.  Beware of conflicting philosophies.  This clash may ruin your team chemistry and being on the same page is essential for any team.

4. Noobs

Noobs and newbs will both exist as long as there are people drawn to each game.  There will always be those incorrigible “black holes” in basketball (once you throw it in there it never comes out) as well as “feeders” (people who constantly die from negligence).  These people shall be referred to as NOOBS because they suffer from ignorance as opposed to Newbs whose only sin is lack of experience.

5. Statistics

The only statistical category they share is the assist which is common in many sports.  The similarities in statistics lies in the fact that they are self serving and can lead to hurting the team.  There are openings for greed and this greedisnotgood.  In basketball, fighting for boards instead of boxing out will cause your team many turnovers as well as giving up offensive boards.  Similarly in Dota, fighting over a kill means that each person will save their nukes/skills for the final blow and potentially allowing an opponent to get away or worse wasting the more powerful spells unnecessarily on a single opponent.  In addition KSing will make your teammates bitter.

6. Trash Talk

Trash talking is apparent in both games and can be a useful tool for getting under your opponent’s skin and in their heads.  I am a huge fan of this tactic although I try and keep it tasteful and effective as opposed to acting semi-retarded.  The difference in the level of trash talking in Dota is astronomical compared to basketball due to the anonymity of the internet.  Thus allowing internet users more freedom to speak out and spew out whatever garbage they please.  This is where I favor basketball because the same type of behavior may earn you an early dental and/or optometry appointment.

7. Competition

Pickup games as well as leagues.  There is always a game to be played, whether if its with your friends or with complete strangers in a “pub.”  Basketball and Dota both provide sociable conditions in which communication with your teammates is of utmost importance.  Both games have recreational to competitive leagues.

dota-warcraft-pudge-papercraft-fresh-meat VS.   92551c6fc3_glen

“The Butcher” Pudge VS. “Big Baby” Glen Davis…who wins?



  1. Love your comparison.

    Although, I wonder…how can trash talking ever be tasteful?

  2. haha nice post! 😛

  3. seriusly i didnt think they were very similiar, but now tat ive read this, i find it,logical :D. Good post 🙂

  4. What’s up, I check your blog on a regular basis. Your story-telling style is witty, keep it up!

  5. lol i typed basket ball kind of like dota just to see what came up, this is funny i thought the same about the 2 for years

    • Yea, I was telling that to all my friends but they didn’t get it. So I wrote a post to see if anyone else thought the same. 🙂

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