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Since my purchase of the ps3, I have been desperately searching for validation through exclusive games only available to Sony.  Receiving numerous awards and a slew of near-perfect reviews, I came to the conclusion that Little Big Planet was one of those titles that will justify my purchase.



I will say this, this game is completely innovative and deserves “mad props” for its creativity and concept. The idea of a large community of players designing and creating their own levels, customizing their characters, and sharing it with the rest of the world sounds glorious in theory.  The customization of your character is really cool, but it’s solely for aesthetic purposes.  The idea of a whole community of players creating levels, sharing feedback, garnering reviews and ratings based on their stage all sounds amazing, but people are lazy.  Creating a level demands some basic understanding of the functions of the stage creation features, which many people just don’t take the time to learn.

However, its actual gameplay is lacking in depth. It is a simple platform game where the goal is the reach the end through a combination of running, jumping, and grabbing.  Soon the stages get repetitive and you’ll find yourself performing the same actions while you run around and collect stuff.

The controls are clumsy even though there are only 2 buttons that have any functional value.  Jump and grab. Moving in between foreground and background is a hassle and the jump function is inconsistent.  Imprecise controls are extremely frustrating especially in a platform game.

This game is great for kids under the age of 12 who have all the time in the world to mess around and build intricate stages.  As for me, it is a little too kiddie for my taste.  Perhaps I have lost my “inner child.”


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