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Emo blogs

Not only are they as boring as watching the TNT halftime show without Barkley, but they also scream out “I need attention because my life is so depressing and people need to feel my pain.” Fuck that.  Grow a pair and go talk to someone that cares.

Food blogs

Okay, I do not hate these as much as I hate drooling all over my desk.  In the name of all that is delicious, please do not send me any more links to food blogs because I am susceptible to passing out from desire.

“Rules to live by” blogs

  1. be nice to strangers
  2. never give up
  3. there is always a reason to smile everyday
  4. etc.

    Yawwwwn.  I don’t want to hear your obvious life lessons.  Following your rules is like having sex with a dead hooker.  Not only would I feel ashamed, but even after finishing, I would still be completely unsatisfied.

    Mundane daily activities blogs

    “So I woke up today at like 10:45 and i saw my sister sleeping so I got up and took a shower.  Then I brushed my teeth and made sure my hair was straightened and OMG I found one gray hair!!!  I was super upset and I just started to cry but then I realized I had to poop so I just did that instead.”

    Self-explanatory, no comment.


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