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I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an anime dork, but I must admit I do dabble…quite a bit.  In any case, of all the series I have viewed, Hajime no Ippo is by far my favorite.  This particular anime is about boxing.

I used to think boxing was a sport where two knuckleheads enter a square ring and attempt to bludgeon each other into unconsciousness.  If you know nothing about boxing, you probably share a similar view.  Ippo opened my eyes to this elegant sport.  Instead of a match of brutality, boxing became a dance; positioned face to face, measuring distance, following a lead, and reacting to each movement with finesse.  I started to think of boxing as an art form.  The syncing of speed, timing, and balance had me in aw.  Throw in a couple of intangibles such as personal philosophy and will power, and boxing ends up being something much greater than a mere fight.  It becomes a test of perseverance.

I was so enlightened by the gracefulness of the “sweet science” that I decided to try it out for a year.  It earned me quite a few bloody noses.  Boxing was way more painful than I had imagined.  It allowed me really appreciate the training professional fighters had to endure for them to compete.


*On a different note, the humor in this anime is absolutely killer.  I die laughing from their fillers as they are completely ridonkadonk.



  1. I agree with every word you said, I watch all the episodes again and again and I can’t get enough, and the humor is very well done.

  2. Thanks =)
    If you are following the new season here is a great site to watch it through a streaming video online. It even skips the intro song for you.

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