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The other day I decided my life was becoming drab; I was in desperate need of change.  The solution: buy some videogames.

While I was debating between getting Street Fighter IV, Call of Duty, and Resistance: fall of man, my friend spotted a game to behold.  I needed to look no further.  Based on its title alone, I was sold.  This game was FACEBREAKER.  There was no way I was turning down a game called Facebreaker.  Although I didn’t need any further convincing, the description on the back of game reinforced my decision.  A claim that this game could potentially “ruin friendships” guided me straight to the checkout counter.  But I digress.

I have read many reviews on IGN, Gamespot, Gamepro, and other various websites and blogs that comment on this game.  They have all given it poor ratings except for a select few who actually took the time to understand the concept; like this guy and this guy.  Underneath the comical exterior and simple controls lie an amazingly deep, strategic fighter.  I am outraged that those reviewers were so quick to hand out bad reviews based on shallow first impressions.


Not only does Facebreaker have fun and exciting gameplay, but this game has tons of style.  It has an arcade-like feel with vicious battles between characters with unique personalities.  More than once while playing this game, I was in tears laughing while getting my ass beat at the same time.  On a scale of 1-10, I give it a rating of Absolutely Hilarious.


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  1. Totally agree, I played this game at my friend’s place and we laughed our heads off. I especially love the celebs you get to scrap and maybe beat up, haha. THere are a bunch of videos at the Facebreaker KO Party website, for anyone who wants to see the game in action.

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