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At this point, after a series of text and aim messaging, I get the feeling Gina is a little weird.  Her constant questioning of my longing for her is just one of many cues that make up this impression.  For me, it was just a drunken encounter at the bar two weeks ago (part 1)Now she wants to see me.  This is not a problem because it’s Sunday and I am taking a trip to Cali on Wednesday and I make this fact clear.  All of a sudden she sends me an instant message that reads:

Gina: I’m coming over tomorrow, how do I get to your house?

I am momentarily stunned sitting at my computer.

Me: umm…well its a bit of a commute cuz u live like an hour away so its probably better to wait for a weekend sometime after I get back.

Phew, good save.

Gina: That’s okay, I don’t mind.  I’ll be over tomorrow right after I get off work.  Bye 😉

Gina has signed off

Obviously she did not get that I was being resilient.  So what was this?  Is this a date? How could I pull this off?  Not to mention what was she expecting?

All these questions and concerns were racing through my mind.  Additionally she was coming over to my parent’s house, luckily my parents were away.  I had never been on a date before and my extensive knowledge of DOTA and Smash Bros. brought me no solace in handling the situation.  Fuck it.  How hard can it be?

The next day she shows up roughly around 4:30 at my door step.  Oh jeez, it’s too early for dinner, what do I do?

[4:35] “Hey whats up Gina, let me show you around the house…”

I proceeded to take her around the house and show her each room.  Needless to say, this was like holding an “awkward turtle” convention.

[4:45] “Well that was really fun, um you want to play some basketball on the driveway?”

This was actually a decent idea because it ate up around 30 minutes.  Plus it seemed like she was enjoying it although I couldn’t tell if she was just being polite.  I looked at my watch, 5:20.  Still a little too early to get dinner.  Hmm. Running out of ideas, we go inside with the intention of cooling off and as I pass the basement I pitch the idea of playing ping pong.

[5:30] We are playing ping pong.  I could tell that she was getting bored, so I just started spiking the ball in her face and talking shit.  No mercy.  At this time, I feel like she was very uncomfortable.  To save the situation, I propose an early dinner.

I take her to Chilli’s for dinner and then after, a movie.  Standard procedure.  All goes well and I have a great time, no real awkwardness.  Now time for the goodbyes…

“So do you want me to stay over?”

Whoa.  I’m not sure this comes with the first date package, but I am not gonna argue.

“Sure if you want to.”

We grab some beers and watch the 2008 Olympics in Beijing on tv.  We start making out in the living room.

Gina: “I am about to do some dirty dirty things to you.”

Me: “Do your worst…”

Dim lights.  End scene.

to be continued in part 3


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