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This is part 3 of my first date story.  Part 1 and 2 can be found here and here respectively.

The sun is shining through the blinds.  Gina is still here.  Realizing that my grandma is awake, I grudgingly get out of bed and poke Gina until she wakes up.  She turns to me and smiles.  I am wondering when she plans to leave.  After all, this has been a long ass date.  I don’t know too much about dating, but I feel like she has overstayed her welcome.  I begin to tactfully prod her to leave while trying to preserve her feelings.

Me: So Gina, do you have work or something today?

Gina: Nope, I’m gonna take today off.

Me: Oh that’s nice, you got any plans?

Gina: Nada, I am totally free all day!

Me: Great…

At this point, I have to get out of the house before my brother and grandma starts asking too many questions.  I propose breakfast, she accepts.  We get in the car and start driving towards the diner.  As we are casually conversing, she puts her hand on my arm and interrupts our idle chit chat with “There is probably something you should know about my history…”

Uh oh.  Sentences that start like that can never be good.

“Well I have been with my ex for about 4 years. “

Oh jeez, another one of those relationship stories.

She was such a bitch.”

WTF indeed.

She continues her history, but I am too paralyzed to focus.  Bisexuals aren’t real.  They are only myths that appear on TV shows like Tila Tequila for the purpose of generating ratings.  I am not prepared for this, but I hide it well.   We pull into the diner and my mind starts to wander into explicit territory.  The word threesome flashes through my head like the billboards in Vegas.  I quickly tune it out and carry on a civilized morning conversation.  We finish our meal and I tell her that I have to meet someone for tennis soon.  I kiss her goodbye and we part ways.



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  1. Loved your post! Made me laugh a lot. I wish my first date story had been so eventful!

    View my blog

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