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It is inevitable at every party for people to engage in drunken chanting.  Drunken chanting is so unstoppable that it forces even the most resolute of individuals into submission.

How is drunken chanting different than regular chanting?

Well folks, drunken chanting is always done with passion.  Yes it may be a little sloppy, but I can guarantee it will be passionate.  If there is anything a drunken mob can excel at, it’s chant their hearts out.

The drunken chant typically begins with peer pressure on one party member to do something against their own wishes.  When they abstain, that is when the chanting begins.  It starts with a one person and works its way around the party like Gonorrhea at Texas Tech.  Eventually it will crescendo and build up speed until it becomes a deafening roar of inebriated thunder.  The targeted individual will have no choice but to bend to the whim of the belligerent horde or leave the party in shame.

The chanting will not stop despite the desperate protest of the victim.  The only chance of survival is to defer the attention onto someone else by starting a new chant, for the horde is fickle.  Also drunk.


An unfortunate victim of drunken chanting.


The devastating aftermath.


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  1. Misdirection:
    A spin off of Drunken Chanting that takes advantage of the mental state of those around. The pictures in this post are actually the result of Misdirection resulting in Drunken Chanting.

    Ex. This poor fellow promised when the party began, and he still had an air of sobriety arbout him, that he would do a keg stand if another friend of his performed one. Well his friend was staunch in the fact that he would not be performing any keg stands this evening . . . it was a tricky situation.

    The solution? Misdirection! All that is needed to garner a keg stand was the illusion that his friend had performed one . . but not any old illusion would do. Drunk people still keep some sense about them, if you were to walk up and say “your friend did a keg stand while you were inside”, the level of belief wouldnt be there. So to create this masterpiece of party trickery a crafty sober person rallied all the party goers close by the keg and all ran into the party Drunken Chant in full force yelling of the epic-ness of the keg stand that was just missed, and proclaiming that he make good on his earlier promise to also perform one. This lead the remainder of a party into frenzied Drunk Chant, an unstoppable force!

    The results were inevitable, by using Drunken Chanting and Misdirection, you have unsheathed two lethal party weapons that when applied in unison are god like in power! Beware all you social drinkers, alchoholics, and beer snobs, this could have easily happened to any of you, so stay alert, stay alive, and party on!

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