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I am tired of hearing someone described as a “nice” guy.  When I ask, “So what did you think of him?” I often get the “Oh hes a really nice guy,” response. Every time I get that response, my desire to punt a puppy into an active volcano dramatically increases.

Sometimes the alleged “nice guy” is a gargantuan douche bag.  Then I might hear something along the lines of “He makes bad first impressions, but once you get to know him he’s a really nice guy.”

Obviously, nobody is 100% evil.  If Satan actually existed, I would jump on his bandwagon and support his crusade for world domination (or any other aspirations).  I mean it’s Satan for Christ’s sake.  I know being a henchman may not be the most reputable of careers, but when Satan’s got your back, who’s gonna have the cojones to talk shit?  In addition I hear his henchmen receive some amazing benefits; a solid health care package plus dental.

But I digress.

Alpha-male jackasses, anti-social pricks, and even the guys who get new haircuts and pound bombs de la jagermeister variety are subject to be nice to somebody somewhere.  If someone comes off as a douche bag, there is no reason for me to get to know them.

Sure there are genuinely nice guys out there, but the thing is, niceness is more about effort than personality.  If nice is your defining quality, then please don’t talk to me.  Nice is synonymous with boring.

I only have one question for the next person that tells me someone is “nice.”

Who isn’t?




  1. what’s wrong with being nice? it’s a generic answer for a generic question.

    • well the description of “nice” holds no substance

      it’s practically meaningless

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