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A conversation that I had with my friend [Jabroni] through aim.  People who know him will probably be able to guess who it is, others can only dream.

Jabroni: i cocked blocked myself last night so hard

me: how so

Jabroni: i blame jamesons

me: did it have to do with ur principles?

Jabroni: no i think it was the lack there of

Jabroni: the night started off good and manly

Jabroni: with cigars

Jabroni: coorslight and this horseshoe like game in the backyard with the fellas

Jabroni: then went on to gambling with c-low

Jabroni: dice in the alley

Jabroni: then it got weird

Jabroni: went to gay bar

me: oh jeez

Jabroni: yeah…

Jabroni: [mikes] gf’s friend was there she was a 5

Jabroni: and she bought me a bunch of drinks so she became an 8

Jabroni: and mike bought me some shots cause i told him i wouldnt go unless he got me 5 drinks

me: lol

Jabroni: then we come back to the house

Jabroni: i get upstairs

Jabroni: i get her naked

Jabroni: i get naked

Jabroni: then i try to have sex with her but i have to leave the room every 5 minutes to puke

Jabroni: i puked in both toilets

Jabroni: on the floor

Jabroni: alot

me: she didnt notice?

Jabroni: i dont know

Jabroni: but i remember that i kept trying

Jabroni: i remember puking like 3 different times

Jabroni: then i woke up and we were both naked

Jabroni: and i tried to use sleep defense

me: did she say anything?

me: or just left to do the walk of shame

Jabroni: we talked for a little and she kept saying how she has the day off

Jabroni: and i was like i gotta work

me: haha

Jabroni: but definitely didnt have sex so im not obligated for next morning niceties

me: this is true

Jabroni: im gona punch mike in the face

me: why

Jabroni: he made me do it

Jabroni: he bet me i couldnt

me: well he won that bet didnt he

Jabroni: i didnt even give her a good bye kiss or hug or anything

Jabroni: she got a “see u around”

me: nice

me: very elegant

me: still one question tho

me: why a gay bar?

Jabroni: cuz her and [julies] friend was dj there that night

Jabroni: and they said it wasnt gay that night

Jabroni: but it was gay

Jabroni: techno

me: lol

Jabroni: i just cant believe how manly we were to start off

Jabroni: won 6 bucks in dice

Jabroni: i was flying so high

Jabroni: to fall so low

me: u peaked in your manliness

me: u cant go that manly

me: and expect to sustain

Jabroni: u feel good with a cigar in ur mouth

Jabroni: a beer in one hand

Jabroni: and dice in the other

Jabroni: standing over a pile of singles

me: too manly

me: u gotta balance out the manliness

me: shouldve held an appletini instead

Jabroni: brb gotta poo and clean the bathroom

me: later



  1. it’s interesting to get a guy’s perspective on life…even if it’s incredibly odd. haha!

  2. being odd is what makes it interesting 🙂

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