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When homewrecking, there are three main factors that you must consider before embarking on your epic quest to create a deep fissure between any couple.

1.  The proximity of the victim.  If the boyfriend/girlfriend is within the vicinity or within your social circle, you may want to steer clear.  It will create tension and friction especially among close friends.  It carries the grounds for a drama-filled battle.  If the victim is someone you don’t know and is out of the area, state, or country,  then the light is green.

2.  Physical vs. emotional.  Before you engage in homewrecking, you must determine which relationship you are pursuing.  Emotional attachment is definitely a no no.  Even if you managed to break up a couple and enter a mutual emotional bond, then you are beginning your new relationship with baggage packed with guilt.  In addition, if the cheater is willing to drop their relationship for you, what’s to prevent them from dropping your relationship for someone else?  Always remember, you are special…just like everybody else.  The bottom line is the only relationship that will pay dividends is a physical one.

3.  Morality.  Are you able to live with yourself after all is said and done?  Homewrecking is meant only for those lacking in the morals department.  Most people say that it is wrong on all accounts, but fuck ’em.  It all depends on circumstances and the relationship.  Relationships are choc full of gray areas and nuances that make the decision to homewreck dependent on the situation as well as many other sub-factors.  All this aside, you still have to keep in mind that you are destroying the relationship between two people for physical entertainment.  It’s not a matter of right and wrong, it’s a matter of if it’s right for you.

One possible argument is the popular notion that “true love conquers all.”  By accepting this, you would be assuming that everyone is fair game despite their relationship status.  If you could get them to cheat and/or break up with their significant other, then “it was never meant to be.”  This theory does have its validity but it overlooks one canyon-sized flaw; human nature.  People cannot sustain happiness or love.  There are ebbs and flows in any relationship, romantic or otherwise.  Cracks exist in even the most solid foundations and if tampered with in the right way, could easily crumble and fall.

The ideal scenario for homewrecking:

  1. The boyfriend/girlfriend is out of the area.
  2. You only want a physical relationship.
  3. You have no qualms with victimizing an anonymous person.

Happy Homewrecking!



  1. LMFAO! First off, if I were a person with no morals at all, I would say you have the perfect ingredients for homewrecking. I personally could never consciously homewreck. However, I would like to argue that even if you are person with no qualms about victimizing an anonymous person, eventually it will all come back to bite you in the ass (unless you never have any desire in life to fall in love). On a separate note, if I lived as close to Blockheads as you I would definitely frequent the restaurant more than normal…which for me is at least twice a week. Anyway, love your blog despite my own personal opinions.

  2. I’ve done this before . . . when you read about it or think about it, it sounds horrible but when your doing it its liek going after any other girl. Never effected the relationship, though I dont recommend itpleanty of fish in the see why take the hard road?

  3. good post!! i enjoyed reading it!

  4. Hey I’m still pro true-love-homewrecking. I think, if you will keep wondering that ‘what if’ you’re better off trying it because the ‘what ifs’ will poison the relationship anyway.
    Nothing is perfect, but I think, the moment you want something new, the relationship is kind of doomed.

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