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Continued from part 1.

All in all, this is not about my experience with the Mexicans.  This is about the Catholic school.  You see, this school had a full blown church built inside.  Within this church, stood a small abandoned prayer room exclusively for priests.  When we went to clean it out, it was dusty like any typical room left alone for years.  After a lot of sweeping and vacuuming, we noticed that the ceiling tiles were falling apart so we decided to remove it and replace it with new ones.  As we took apart one of the tiles, an extensive collection of magazines fell from the heavens.  If you even have to guess what kind of magazines they were, you should think about it LONG and HARD.  We were in a Catholic church cleaning the priests’ PRIVATE ROOM…

Anyways, me and the other janitors quickly huddled around our newfound treasure.  We all stiffened up just dreaming about what we might find within those magical pages…

As we carefully opened it up, we performed extensive research and concluded that these pornographic publications happened to be crafted during the 80’s.  Let’s take a moment to reflect.  I want you to picture the hair in the 80’s, very hilarious I know.  Now try to recall something else about hair in the 80’s.  There was hair was everywhere.  Yes everywhere, even in my racoon wounds.  In these pornos, they had several horrific pictures of spread eagle close-ups, proudly showcasing their afroginas.  It reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson, if he were a hairy oyster from hell.

Suddenly, Roberto, snatched the magazine from my hands, held it above his head like a trophy, and sprinted down the hallway screaming CHOCHAAAA (vaginaaaa) like a madman.  Aghast, I turned to his father expecting a look of shame and disgust.  Instead, he applauded his son’s actions with a smile and a chuckle of approval.  “Heh, oh that Roberto.”

As I watched Roberto prance around during his vagina screaming monologue, I noticed that while majority of the pages were fluttering in the wind, others were…how can I put this…stuck together.  Gross.  Didn’t they know?  Masturbation is a sin.



  1. “We all stiffened up just dreaming about what we might find within those magical pages…”

    This concerns me . . . .

  2. hey, at least it wasn’t kiddie porn of the little boy variety…

  3. this is true hah

  4. This is too funny, Andrew.

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