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I don’t get why people love sight seeing so much.  Is it so they can say “Oh, I’ve been there!” or do they legitimately love seeing something with their own eyes?  I mean it’s a reasonable request if you’re old or you’re unable participate in any type of physical activity…

But even still, overrated.

The Grand Canyon for example.  When I went on my family vacation to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, I knew what it was about prior to going; a ridiculously large hole in the Earth.  I’ve seen pictures and I’ve also heard people described it as  breathtaking or magnificent, but I have never heard anyone say “Wow I really want to go back.”

Frankly, I think that’s their way of saying “Nothing special but I don’t want anyone to think I’m a fool for wasting my time and money.  I’m just going to tell them it was amazing and totally worth it.”

Of course we went on the trip.  When we got there, it was very much like I had imagined.  After the 5 minutes of scoping out the area, I concluded that it was, in fact, a very big hole.

After my profound and enlightening experience, I was bored to shit.  Since I couldn’t relive that first glorious moment of losing my “Grand Canyon virginity,” I decided the next best thing to do was drink alone in the dark.

And that, gentlewomen and gentlemen was my Spring Break 2007.  Woohoo!

So yea, sight seeing is not for me.  On any trip, seeing famous paintings, statues, and landmarks never really gets me excited.  Whats the point?  You can always read about it on Wikipedia.

It’s pretty much the same with cities.  I’ve been LA, San Diego, Taipei, New York, Boston, Toronto, Shanghai, etc., but I don’t care for anything that’s really unique to that particular city.  I do the same things no matter where I go; get drunk, get paid, and get intercourse (wishful thinking).

Now I could be wrong, but what I feel is most important are the personal experiences and stories.  I could really care less that you saw the Mona Lisa or the Eiffel Tower.  It’s actually a damn shame you didn’t do more with your trip.  I much rather hear that you slept with a mime.  That would be godly.

Traveling should be about the people.  The people you meet, the people you hang out with, and the people that surprise you.  When it’s all said and done, no one’s going to talk about how you guys saw the statue of David.  But they will definitely recall that time you fucked a mime.



  1. how can u tell the mime is enjoing it? no sounds or signals…the only thing u can get is a thumbs up…lame

  2. even if those mimes were making an o-face, they would still be scary as shit. mimes suck.

  3. isnt that a good thing? =P

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