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Every now and then you stumble onto something so amazing that you have to share it.  This computer case is so ridiculous that I had to give it respect.  This Russian guy made an entire customized computer case in the form of Pixar’s Wall-E. Made with solid metal, it took him 18 full days to complete.  Each individual piece was cut from metal sheets and then assembled.  On top of that he hand paints it to add more detail.  Flawless.





You can see a ton of pictures at

I am not only envious of how good this looks, but also at all the free time this guy has to build something this awesome.


Darron Aronofsky’s The Wrestler was painfully depressing but one of the most beautiful and touching films.  As with any Aronofsky film, the shots were meaningful and authentic, however I felt a hole in my chest from the sadness.  To cheer myself up I tried to watch Tommy Boy with Chris Farley only to draw the parallel between his career of drug abuse and low self-esteem and Rourke’s Randy “The Ram” Robinson.  Both lived in the spotlight of shallow entertainment and hollow admiration.

**Spoiler Warning**

Assuming you have seen the film, The Ram’s decision to perform (a.k.a. kill himself) in his last match was in actuality, a cop out.  Yes his life sucked, yes he had nowhere to go, but Marisa Tomei (so hot) still had faith in him and he just gave in.  Sure he died gloriously in a ring where he was loved, but that love was superficial.  He had a legitimate shot with Cassidy (Tomei), and he forsake her for his own selfish desires.  Now I’m not saying you should give up everything for a girl or anything, but he did not give real life a chance.  Instead of adapting to the contingent world, which Cassidy was able to do, he crawled back inside his fantasy land.

Which brings up the timeless question is it better to burn out than fade away?

I'd give it up for her

I was reading the Da Vinci Code and one character that i really liked was Silas.  I can only use one word to describe him.  Baddassmotherfucka.  Although he is a social outcast and villainized throughout the novel, I find his character very appealing because he is an albino death dealer.  Strapped with a cilice (spiked belt wrapped around the thigh for the sole purpose of causing discomfort), he roams around slaughtering people to complete his religious missions.

Now it is true that I am a little sick to enjoy a character like this, but i feel like he would make a great comic book character.  Although after seeing Paul Bettany play Silas in the movie i must say i was a little disappointed.

This hardly seems like a badass at all.  He is way too scrawny.  In my head, I pictured someone that looks like this:

(yes this is cable)

Ahhhh…much better, straight up badass.  This is a guy i could see myself shitting a brick in my pants over if i ever had to confront.  Needless to say, arms that are 8 times bigger than your head usually does the trick.

I feel that having the condition of albinism is not so terrible.  Other than avoiding the sun at all costs, you can live a normal life.  I say it’s the closest thing to being a vampire, and who wouldn’t want to be a vampire.  According to the movie Underworld and Underworld Evolution, it is way better than being a werewolf or lycan.  If you have seen those movies you know what I’m talking about.  The werewolves live in the sewers while the vampires have this sweet mansion where they have sweet vampire parties where they drink blood till they pass out.  NOT to mention all those hot vampire chicks.  Lycan parties can be described as just the opposite.  They are so lame.  A complete and utter sausage fest by definition.  It’s not surprising that they’re always angry and flip out.

Sorry for that tangeant on vampires, I just had to get it off my chest.  Back to albinos.  Sensitive eyes and pale skin are small prices to pay to have cool red eyes.  Also you get to be WHITE!!!  There are a million perks that come along with that package.  See also:


Silas Dota comparison: Abaddon

  • the obvious (skin and hair pigmentation)
  • self-inflicted damage
  • corrupted