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I’ve been playing basketball for years now and I’ve noticed a common trend that pertain mostly to Asian basketball players.  Here’s the scenerio:

The guy will come to play basketball with his girlfriend tagging along like an accessory.  Then without any introduction he will proceed to greet the guys and start.  The other guys will feel awkward around his girlfriend who has yet to speak, and abstain from any acknowledgment of her existence.  She will then continue to stand along the sidelines doing her best impression of Helen Keller.

Sound familiar?

Is it just me, or doesn’t anyone think that it’s dumb and pointless to bring your girlfriend to your basketball games?  If I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t bring her upstairs to my room and make her watch me play DOTA unless she wanted to.  Most of the time the girlfriend just stands/sits around looking bored and waiting for the game to end.  Now I may be out of my element, but chances are those girlfriends are not there because of their undying love for basketball.  Instead they are probably there because you asked them to go.  Personally I would feel guilty asking anyone to watch me do anything unless they could participate or had a genuine interest in it.

To each their own…