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5 minutes.

That is amount of time you get for each date.  Then you rotate one to your right and you meet the next victim.  The premise behind this event is to give you a chance to meet a lot of “randies” within a short amount of time.

Basically, the object of this “game” is to get the other person to remember your name before the time is up.  Therefore, first impressions are of utmost importance.  Becoming routine was a pitfall I tried to avoid.  The speed dating system inherently encourages routine behavior due to the nature of meeting someone new every 5 minutes.  Being one to never follow convention, I had brought up some weird topics and entered zones where I’m sure no other guys dared to venture.  I’m not gonna go into detail, but lets just say that I doubt any other guys brought up the topic of poop or video games.

Being comfortable enough to saying whatever what was on my mind was golden for me.  Some of it might’ve been weird, but all in all it allowed me freedom to try different approaches which was well received.  Secretly hoping to meet a crazy lady that lived with twelve cats, I was a tad disappointed when I didn’t meet as many quirky women as I hoped for.  The extent of weird women was a lady who didn’t understand sarcasm and another one who spent the entire time talking about her puppy.  Those were really the only awkward experiences.  In general, most the women were all trying too hard to make a good first impression which led to bland conversations.  Not all was lost however, there were a few gems.