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It seems as though being more wired has somehow led us to become more disconnected.  The original intentions of “world flattening” technology were to facilitate communication and strengthen relationships.  Instead, it has just made society as a whole, a lot more lazy.

Instead of seeing or calling someone on their birthday, a text message is becoming a proper substitute.

Text messages suck.  They’re both insensitive and impersonal.  The only time it’s useful is when you are unable hold a conversation over the phone i.e. work, class, meeting, etc.  What makes no sense to me is that texting is highly inefficient.  It takes way more time to type up a sentence than it is to find a contact and press send.


So why do people text?

People will say because it is more convenient.

How is typing in a sentence more convenient than pressing a button and talking?

Instead of engaging in a potentially awkward conversation, it is way more convenient to have the luxury of carefully crafting a well-thought out response.  Texting allows the socially inept to hide their cowardice behind their words.  The leap of faith in asking a girl out over the phone has been reduced to a pathetic skip.  I guess this makes rejection easier to swallow, but at the same time, your balls shrink to the size of sunflower seeds.  Go figure.

Somewhere along the lines the progression in technology has caused a regression in human relations.